The world of creation has no boundaries and Marie Munier certainly exemplifies the notion. A journey that began with expression through painting, then led to a road captured by the allure of antiquity. This would tempt Marie Munier away from her brushes and toward the world of jewels. By visiting museums, where breathtaking remnants of civilizations past took residence, her imagination was fueled. She translated what she experienced into her designs, creating unique statement jewelry. Ancient coins and discovered artifacts provided the starting point; embellished with the addition of precious metals or gems, these unique items became works of art, destined to adorn women with an eye for beauty and majesty. The innate artistic flair caught the attention of many, including Lebanon's national airline, MEA, which appointed Marie Munier as the designer of staff uniforms in March of 1975.

Over the past four decades Marie's most passionate form of expression has continued to be her jewelry, but today a new passion has emerged. Thus Marie Munier was drawn to explore graphical motifs reminiscent of her jewels on a larger scale, creating lighting sculptures for stylish homes. Just as jewelry has the ability to highlight a woman's beauty, so lighting has the power to transform a room. From painting to fashion, jewelry and lighting, Marie's creativity never ceases to flow. As she admits herself, "In creation there is always evolution."
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